Buying a home could be the most exciting and rewarding purchase you will ever make. If you are not a first time home buyer, you surely remember every aspect of owning your first home. From the first realization that you have a place of your own, to entertaining your first guests, to making renovations that make your house into your home, the Team at Road To Home Realty is there to make your dreams a reality.

However, buying a home can be stressful and is sometimes not as easy as it looks. With the end goal of finding their dream home, buyers have a precise vision of what they want and they expect the buying experience to be fun, memorable, and seamless. Prequalifying for a home loan, negotiating a contract, passing the inspection period, and meeting an appraisal are NOT top of mind items. These potential road blocks sometimes occur when buying a home. In almost all cases, these challenges can be easily avoided with the proper representation.

Whether you are a first time home buyer, move up buyer, investor, or you are down sizing; we are here to help. Our Team is knowledgeable in all aspects of the home buying process. Our expertise will allow you to have live those wonderful memories of home ownership.

First Things First

Our team knows buyers who are pre-qualified for a home loan prior to making an offer, separate themselves from all the other buyers. A fully qualified buyer not only impresses the seller but improves their chances of securing their dream home when they see it. Addressing unknown credit glitches, understanding the costs of obtaining a loan, and knowing your monthly mortgage payment should always be the first step in home ownership. Once that first step is accomplished, the qualified buyer will be best prepared to make owning a home their reality.

Contract Negotiations

Anybody can fill in the blanks of a contract. True negotiation comes when the client’s needs are understood. Achieving those needs are where a skilled real estate consultant is invaluable. Price is not the only factor involved in negotiating a real estate contract. Close of escrow date, the type of loan, items included in the sale, required fees, necessary repairs, and home warranty costs are some of the items that effect the Buyer’s bottom line. This is a short list of negotiable items. Additional negotiations are sometimes necessary after the contract is accepted. Expecting, understanding, and having the expertise on how to mediate these items is the key to good negotiation. Our team is here to fully realize your wants and needs under your terms.

Next Steps

A real estate contract is designed to represent both Buyer and Seller fairly in the transaction. In most cases the purchase contract is dependent upon the home passing inspections, the home appraising for full value, the buyer accepting the property after repairs have been made, and obtaining final approval on financing. These contingencies and other important terms are designed to protect the Buyer and their earnest deposit. The Team at Road To Home Realty understands the essential steps to any real estate contract including resale, leases, and new home construction.  Protecting our clients is our fiduciary duty.

Ready For Move In!

The last few days of a real estate transaction will be eventful to say the least. Buyers are often scrapping together last minute requirements for their loan, signing loan documents, switching on utilities, and making sure their home is ready for move-in. Compiled with packing, work duties, and day-to-day life; the last steps of buying a home can be exciting and scary. You real estate consultant at Road To Home Realty will be there to make sure everything stays on track and makes your move-in day unforgettable.

We want the memories of your home purchase to be filled with excitement and joy.

Let Road To Home Realty put you on the right road to your next home.